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ClassLink OneRoster is built using an application layer and a database layer to ensure reliability and security. The web application is hosted in the cloud on reliable and redundant hardware. Keeping the application in the cloud means we can always keep it current.

The database layer, which holds all your student data, is hosted on a OneRoster database server on your network. That OneRoster database is a simple software appliance that can be downloaded and run as a virtual machine. Keeping your data in house means only you and the people you share it with have access.

ClassLink does not host or keep a copy of your data and that’s a good thing as data privacy is becoming more and more important to schools and the families in their communities.

The OneRoster spec can be found on the IMS Global website.

The csv template specification can be found here.

Hardware Requirements

OneRoster requires a Linux CentOS 7, 4GB ram, 2vCPUs.

Firewall Requirements

*Ports (open externally)

  • 22: SFTP and SSH
  • 443: HTTPS