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Welcome to the ClassLink Support Docs page. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with ClassLink as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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My Files

My Files is your place to access, edit, and store ALL of your files and folders located on your school network and cloud drives from any browser.

When you click on My Files, it will open up in its own tab. You will see a tree view of your storage locations on the left. The ClassLink Drive is cloud storage given by ClassLink. The School Network storage location is where your school network drives will be found. You will be able to see all of your files and documents that you work on at school. You can view, edit and save these files, from any browser, instantaneously! You have the ability to use an online editor (Office Online or Zoho) or a local application to see your files. Also, you have the ability to connect your cloud storage applications you already use such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office365 and OneDrive.

When a file is clicked, it will open up in Office Online or Zoho automatically. If the file ends in an 'x' (docx, pptx, xlsx), it will use Office Online. Older files will still use the Zoho editor.

To get other My Files options you can right-click a file. Some of the options in this menu are to download the file, change the default click option, and choose to open the file on your device instead of editing online.

Smart Menu Item

Open in Zoho

Online document editor. Option only available when the file cannot be opened using Office Online.

Open in Office Online

Online document editor for files that end in an 'x' such as docx, ptx, or xlsx.

Open On Your Device

Use your locally installed Office applications to edit your documents (uses Java by default; also see Classlink Agent).


Copy then paste your document anywhere! Paste to a network folder, Google Drive, OneDrive, Office365 or Dropbox.


Download to your local machine.

Default Click Action

Change what the default action is when a file is clicked. Choose between Open in Zoho, Open on Your Device or Open in Office Online.

Open in RDP

Open using an RDP application


Delete this file permanently.

ClassLink Agent

We have created a New ClassLink Agent (Windows PC only) to GREATLY improve the local editing experience! ClassLink Agent is a small applet that would be locally installed on your computer and it eliminates the need for Java. Local editing of files is lightning fast!

  • ClassLink Agent stays in your task tray and you can click it to see status of current files and history of previous ones.
  • ClassLink detects if Agent is installed and falls back to Java where it is not available.
  • Provides notifications on upload/download completion.
  • One click access to documents that fail to upload properly.
  • Available for Windows PC
  • Using the ClassLink Agent also means no more Java updates.
    To download and install the ClassLink Agent follow these quick and easy steps shown in the video.


Locate then click the grey circle in the My Files module found at the top right of the My Files page.


A new window will appear. Click the Download Agent box to download the agent msi file


Click on the msi file to begin installing the file


Once installed, return to the Download Agent window, then click 'Verify Agent Installed'


Click close. If the agent is installed the My Files module will have a GREEN circle

Click on the 'Download Agent' button.

To begin installing the agent, click on the msi file at the bottom of your screen.

To continue installing the agent, click 'Run'

Click 'Next' 3 times in the installation window

Verify that the agent is installed.


Different circle colors have different meanings.
Grey: Agent not installed yet.
Yellow: Agent update available.
Red: Agent update required.
Green: Agent installed.


Now that the agent is installed, go to a document in My Files, try the Open on Your Device option!

PDF and Image Previewer

ClassLink now has the ability to let you preview your PDF files and images stored in your files. SImply click on the PDF or image you wish to view and the preview window will appear automatically.

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