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Google & Azure Domain Integration

Link Your Google or Azure Domain


The step-by-step process to integrate Azure is identical to linking your G Suite.

You can integrate your Google domain to ClassLink - leverage your existing Google groups, users can sign into ClassLink with their Google accounts, and SSO into Google resources.

Before you begin!

Make sure API access is enabled.

Administrators may now link their Google domain in the ClassLink Management Console – in seconds! Go to Domains under Settings in the Management Console. Click the gear icon to configure your domain settings then click the Google Apps tab to bring you to the screen below. If you have more than one Google domain, add a new domain the Domains section of Settings.

Clicking the enable button will prompt you to log in with your Google Apps administrator account:

Click Accept.

Google Domain Linked!

Group Import

Now that your Google Apps domain is integrated with ClassLink, import your groups! Group import Google Apps groups are no different than importing active directory security groups. Group import is under Groups and Users. From there, click the import button under the Google Apps column.

Do not manually Add groups in the CMC for your Google domain users


If this is your first time importing groups, first import an administrator group. Make sure to use the Tenant Administrator profile. Logout then login with your Google admin account. If all is well, import the remaining groups. Remember to select the appropriate profile for the groups you plan to import.

Select a profile, specify the wallpaper and theme color then click next.

Select desired group(s) then click the Import button.

Groups Imported!

Users that are members of any imported Google Apps group can simply click the Google icon on your ClassLink login page!

For up-to-date statuses and notifications subscribe to our ClassLink Status page!

Google & Azure Domain Integration