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Welcome to the ClassLink Support Docs page. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with ClassLink as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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Login Method

New Sign In Methods Available

Now signing in ClassLink has become much more easier! Choose between using a QR code or facial recognition.

QR code is an innovative system that is available for everyone. However, it is mainly focusing towards children in Preschool and Kindergartens who have difficulty memorizing their credentials. This simple method reduces downtime and gets each and every student organized and ready to learn!

Facial Recognition is a form of biometric identification that scans your face to instantly login a user without any hassle. It is a hands-free method that uses consistent algorithms to detect each facial structure and compares it to the images stored in the database.

First, enable the desired login methods for your login page by going to the ClassLink Management Console>Settings>Login Page. Simply turn on QR code and/or Face.

Next, enable these options in the "Sign in With" section of Settings in the ClassLink Management Console. Enable the desired method, then click the blue gear icon to activate it for your desired groups. Both sign in methods will use a camera to either scan a QR badge or a student's face.

Quick Card

Click on your profile pictures and click Profile Settings.

Once you are in Profile Settings:
Step 1: Click Sign in with
Step 2: Make sure you are Connected to QR Code. If you are not connected, click the blue connect button.
Step 3: Click Print to print out your unique QR code.

ClassLink will generate a unique QR code for you to print out and use.

Scan your QR code badge to login.

All Done!

Now you can sign in ClassLink by simply scanning your QR badge!

Facial Recognition

This fast and easy method lets you sign in by simply looking into a web cam to scan your face. No hands or memorizing!


Want reports? ClassLink comes with a powerful new reporting engine! Check out ClassLink logins, application usage, browser/os used, and cloud storage!

Heads Up!

Did you know you can get this snapshot every week as a summary report in your email? Go into Settings and schedule between Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

The "Logins" section displays the login information for all users in your ClassLink system. You can filter by group by clicking on the Filter button on the top right corner. You can filter by organization or groups.

Login Method