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CSV Validator

The CSV Validator is only for 1.1 CSVs

In addition to the Sanity Check in the Applications page of RosterServer Console, ClassLink also provides a validator as a way to check 1.1 CSVs for errors before they are imported. The validator is able to run in the background and upon conclusion, the results are sent in an email.

First, go to and enter the email address you want the report sent to.

Once you have entered an email address in, drag in your CSV files or click the dotted box to select the CSVs from your computer's file explorer.

Make sure to include the following CSVs in your upload:

  • academicSessions.csv
  • classes.csv
  • demographics.csv
  • enrollments.csv
  • manifest.csv
  • orgs.csv
  • users.csv

Make sure that all files upload, as indicated by a green progress bar, and a black check mark.

Depending on the size of your data, the results page may take a few minutes to load.

If there are errors with some of the data in your CSVs, the validator will provide a brief explanation along with the file name, row number, and field-header name.

You can also download a .CSV of all the errors by clicking the Download Error Details CSV button.

Once you have fixed the errors locally, click on the blue arrow button on the left-hand side of the page and Start Over to land back at the upload page.

Where'd the browser tab go!?

If you closed out of the validation results page before you intended to, don't worry! When it completed, a link to the results page was sent to the email address that you provided.

CSV Validator